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text entry is problematic (1.5 editor)

I've selected the "synth" Factory Preset.

  • Module Properties / Advanced Settings / Vibrato

The maximum value for that field is 8096.  But this maximum is not enforced if the user types a larger number.

It... really should be.


I was testing a synth whose minimum pitch bend range is plus/minus 12 semitones).  The default of 1024 was WAY too high.  128 seemed a bit subtle.  So, I gave 256 a shot to see if I liked that better.  That was too far.  So, I selected  the 256, typed "128" again, and pressed enter.

This broke everything.

See, it registered all six digits, and accepted the faulty input.

You can't trust user input.  We're all idiots.  Never forget that.

I'm not sure whether the number we ended up with was 256128, 251286, 212856, or 128256 (because there's no visible cursor in the text entry field).  But I am sure it's one of those.  Any one of which is significantly higher than the 8096 limit.


Since the text entry field moves to the right with higher numbers (why?), and because this was so far out of range, there's no sign of the text entry field anymore.  It's just gone.  And so is the handle.

(If clicking on the bar moved the handle to that spot, this would not be a problem.  But we specifically have to click and drag on the handle itself, or click into the text field to enter text manually.  Each of those interface items are forever out of reach.  Likewise, pressing "tab" on my computer keyboard doesn't move the cursor between interface elements either.  And there isn't an "undo" function.  All in all, there are some accessibility concerns...)

Reinstalling the editor did not restore settings.  But I was able to delete the synth preset and create a new one to replace it (minus all of my settings from before).

So, that's annoying.  But at least it's less destructive than things looked.

Please take a look at that in your next update?

Hi greaterthanzero,

Thank you for your bug report and your very good explanation. We are sorry for that. The bug is fixed, you can re-download the editor (build50 for mac and build13 for windows) on our website.