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Multiple Joues?

Hello - I am, so far, very happy with the Joue. I've been through so many controllers, including many esoteric designs that promised real musicality, and this is one of the few I will end up using.
For what its worth, the support for 14-bit midi and the relative fader mode were the deciding factors: without them, for my purposes, it would not be useful. But now it is!
SO much so that I have a question:
Is there any problem, on a Mac, using multiple Joues? For example, can I run 2 or 3 of them as controllers in Reaper, Bidule or Hollyhock without any danger of them confusing each other's data?


Hi Brook,

Thank you for your kind message, we are glad to ear that you like your Joué 🙂
For sure you can plug several Joué on your computer (Mac or Windows). Both will appear in the Joué Editor as well as in your DAW as separate devices.

Guillaume @Joué
2 Joué on a computer