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Release JOUÉ Editor 1.6

Quote from guillaume@Joué on 28 February 2019, 10 h 44 min

Hi SteveElbows,

Can you explain your issue about the glissando?

About the aftertouch, I think that you are referring to two issues:

  • When MPE mode is disabled, the MIDI's aftertouch messages, are common to every notes on a same channel. Our current implementation makes some conflicts with polyphonic inputs. We are working on a better way to manage the aftertouch messages in this case.
  • When MPE is enabled, you are probably experimenting an hardware issue: when two fingers are horizontally aligned, they may interfere with each other.

Guillaume @Joué

Sorry for delay in replying, I was very sad to hear about the hardware issue. I will do some more testing, because I dont remember the problem I discussed being limited to situations only where my fingers were in same horizontal alignment. I will let you know about that when I find some more time.

As for the glissandro issue, its exactly what other people already talked about earlier in this thread. You should not be resetting the pitch when a finger is released. I have read the official 1.0 MPE spec on this subject, and I can see why its wording in some sections might cause confusion, but the way you are doing it now is not part of the spec. For example, it is true that the MPE spec says that notes will cease to be affected by pitch bend messages on MPE midi channels once Note off message occurs. But it is talking about what synths should do, it does not mean that MPE controllers should zero these values when note is released. In fact, it also states that all per-note control messages should still be tracked (but not acted upon by synths) even when no note is playing.

So, you are correct that some instruments are handing this wrong, they should not apply MPE note channel pitch bend messages from Joue that come after the note off message. But current Joue behaviour is still wrong as well, there is nothing in the MPE spec which says controllers should be sending a zero pitch message immediately after note off. You should send an appropriate pitch message immediately before note on message instead.