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channel aftertouch scaler and grand piano question

In ableton, for the instrument like for example wavetable I use the joue in channel aftertouch but
with the polyphony it's seems impossible to use, every note send a data.

With for example a komplete kontrol keyboard I can use aftertouch in polyphony without problem
but the joue seems different for the chord....

what the difference with aftertouch and channel pressure or aftertouch?

Hi lambrisse,

currently, Ableton Live only supports channel aftertouch (and not poly aftertouch), so only one pressure data at a time can be used by Live, which can indeed create conflict with the Joué when playing chords, as you mentioned.
Poly aftertouch (available with the Joué in the Editor) will send a different/independent pressure data for each note, but requires a compatible software. From what you experience, it seems that the komplete kontrol uses a different method for aftertouch, which might work differently with Live.

We'll keep developing the Joué and Editor to improve functionality such as this to cover wider uses, please let us know if we can help further.