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Joué is dead

I left my Joué plugged in to my computer for a few days, and when I came in one morning not long ago, it was dead. Power LED is off and no recognition by my Mac, either in my DAW or the Joué editor. Today I bought a new USB cable to see if that was the problem, but no go. Have there been any other reports of failure?

Hi Maddog,

Unfortunately a LED off is not a good sign. It should always be green, or blinking if there is a problem. I understood you tried with another USB cable - which was a good idea - but have you tried with another computer (or at least with another USB port)? Was there a storm these last days?

Anyway, can you please drop us a short email to so that we can help you to recover your Joué or proceed to an exchange if needed?

Thank you,
Guillaume @Joué