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IOS editor ?

Hello, i use Joué on a IPad with audio and midi app and a midi interface to control hardware synth and BAR.

There is a big work to configur the Joué, editor make it very simple but disconnect it to this setup, power the labtop, connect to it, reconnect joué to the iPad breaks the workflow !

Can you make a Joué editor on IOS please ?

I'll second this, it would be much more convenient to have an IOS editor when travelling rather than having to lug a heavy laptop

Hi Miz, hi jeztercreek,

thanks for your feedback, we're currently focusing on developing the Joué already existing features and Editor (so no iOS specific software scheduled for now), but as always we appreciate the feedback and take note of every request to improve our product and its ease of use.

We'll keep you posted on further updates!