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Marks for chosen options in Joué Editor do not show (though active)

I'm French so excuse my poor English , I have noticed 2 problems with the Editor (I'm on Windows 10 1803)

When i choose an option for a module in Joué Editor the mark is OK ,

but when I move the mouse , the mark disappears , but the option is still OK,

So it's a little tricky to know what options have been selected at firs sight .

The only way is to place the mouse on the check mark and now it reappears

The text is white on white , so it is impossible to read or to adjust some cursors (velocity , for example)






Hi Alain,

that's a strange bug indeed, I've just tested the Editor with the same Windows 10 (1803) version, and couldn't replicate it.

Could you please send an e-mail stating the issue + information about your computer specs to:, so we can take a further look at it with the team?

Sorry for the inconvenience, will be in touch very soon,