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Grand clavier: Sliding up and down sends note off when playing more than a few notes at a time

So, I can't make the Joué work the way I need it to.

Here is a way to demonstrate the problem:

  1. Turn on a midi message recorder
  2. Use the grand clavier (or scaler)
  3. Hold 1 or 2 notes at the same time
  4. Slide up and down while holding the notes

It should work properly, you should see note on messages, then all sort of other messages until you release the notes, where you will see note off messages.

Now try with 3+ notes (chords) at the same time.

I always get unwanted note off messages during my attempts to modulate the sounds by sliding unless I apply a lot of pressure on the board, especially when the fingers are near the edges

I started with 2x3 simultaneous notes, but realised it started to fail with smaller chords too.

I've checked the demos and it seems it's a use-case which is not demonstrated, so could it be that this is a limitation of the instrument? The overlays do move when sliding up and down and I suspect it sends some conflicting information to the sensors.

I've tried various settings for the overlays (pressure sensitivity, velocity), but it didn't seem to help.

Also, when holding a triad and adding another one, some note off signals are being sent for the 1st one.


Hi highstandards,

sorry to hear about the issues you're encountering, the Joué and Grand Clavier should normally allow for continuous glissendo with chords, as you aim at achieving.
Could you please send us an e-mail to, with a few infos, so we can look at the issue:
- which OS/software/VST?
- which version of the Joué Editor?
- is the Grand Clavier in MPE mode?

We'll get back to you through the support mail to address this,
thanks & best!