re-Discover your iconic machines thanks to the re-Connect MIDI cable. No computer, no external box needed. Plug the re-Connect cable to your Joué and it will send native MIDI messages without latency.



  • Connectors DIN female, USB-A (power), USB-C (JOUÉ)
  • Dimensions:
    • USB-C > MIDI DIN femelle: 15 cm
    • USB-C > Power supply: 150 cm
  • Requires an additional standard MIDI cable
  • Power: 5V (Requires an external power supply USB 5V)
  • Weight: 38 gr



The Grand Clavier module has 25 expressive keys to subtly play any type of digital instruments. The Glissando mode allows continuous pitch-bend between notes and open the door to microtonal interpretation. The Grand Clavier is delivered with a tailor-made UVI Sound Pack including MPE expressive presets from acoustic instruments to electronic sounds.

Grand Clavier Teaser


The Joué board is built around a highly sensitive polyphonic sensor that can capture very subtle pressure changes. The Joué board has 3 slots which can be filled by modules.

Each slot is equipped with a RFID reader allowing real-time modules detection. Each module responds to vertical, horizontal and pressure movement, and send MIDI data (ie. Control change, pitch bend, etc.) to the connected device. This data is then used by the device or software to trigger sounds, control effects, etc.


The Modules have been carefully designed to provide the best playing experience with the most natural feel.They are made of soft silicone and magnetized so that they stick to Joué’s board when playing. The current library contains familiar interfaces like Synth, Pads and Strips but also fresh ones such like Bubbles, Scaler and Fretboard.

Most of them are sensitive to velocity, vibrato, aftertouch and Y control for an extensive and unique way of playing digital sounds and instruments.



Area is played by sliding and taping the surface with fingers. The module sends X, Y, Z values which are 3 MIDI control changes by default. Each message can be customized.



Ever dreamed of controlling 12 parameters with one hand? Bubbles is the answer! On top of that, its crazy look will addict you for sure!



Slide your fingers across the circles to control any parameter. There are tactile areas to easily access min, mid and max values. Absolute or infinite modes are available.



With Fretboard, you can play guitar or any strings instrument like never. The module has 6 strings and 9 frets plus octave +/- buttons and 2 configurables buttons. The strings can be tuned all together or individually. Vibrato and bending are switchable depending on the musician’s intention.


A 4×4 matrix of sensitive pads to play drums, percussion, melodies or to launch clips. Each pad is sensitive to velocity, vibrato and aftertouch and can be configured individually or in group.



Slide your fingers across the 4 strips to control any parameter. There are delimited tactile areas to easily access min, mid and max values. It can be used horizontally or vertically.



The Synth is a 1,5 octave keyboard with octave +/- buttons and 4 configurable buttons. Aftertouch, natural vibrato and glissendo gives it unique expressiveness.



The Scaler has 17 keys which are perfect to play harp, xylophone or balafon instruments but it also allows to rediscover your synth sounds with a complete new look. Each key responds to velocity, vibrato, aftertouch and Y control. Many scales are available for an immediate play. A bubble and a long ribbon complete the most expressive module we’ve done so far.