Joué is an expressive and modular MIDI controller that feels like a real instrument. It’s an innovative and evolving instrument simplifying digital music playing and offering beginners and professional artists a unique level of expressivity and spontaneity.

One device, endless possibilities

Joué is made of wood and metal and is equipped with a pressure sensitive sensor on which magic modules are placed. Modules like piano keys, guitar strings, drums pads or 3D control objects offer an infinite playground for musicians.

Modules are made of soft and elastic silicone which transmit every single pressure variation to the sensor. Thanks to that, musicians can use natural gestures such as vibrato, bending, and hitting normally reserved for traditional instruments.

Exchange modules on the fly

Joué has 3 slots which can be filled by modules. Modules can be exchanged on the fly during a live performance. Their configuration is stored in the modules themselves, Joué will automatically detect new modules and will send the MIDI data you want.

Works with any device

Every MIDI compliant software can be connected to Joué.

You can play and control software like Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Native Instruments plugins, Max/MSP or any iPad apps from GarageBand to the last iSynth.

You can also connect it to your favorite hardware using a USB to MIDI converter without needing a computer in between or even connect several Joué to the same device to extend the setup.

Furthermore, Joué is MPE compliant (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression).

Bring Joué everywhere you go

Joué is definitely mobile. Easy to carry in a bagpack, Joué follows you everywhere during your trips. Thanks to Joué, never miss again any musical idea!

Joué, everything but a toy

“Joué” means “playing” in French and this is what Joué is all about. Musicians can enjoy playing with Joué knowing that it has been designed and developed with performance and quality in mind.

Joué is very sensitive

Joué senses everything from the most delicate touch to very hard taps. It senses every nuance a musician can produce.

Joué is highly responsive

Joué scans for touches faster than 250 times per second. This means near zero latency.

Joué is incredibly accurate

Joué’s accuracy is unbeatable. Musicians can control X, Y and Z dimensions with the most advanced multitouch pressure device to date.

Joué is very robust

In tests, Joué’s hardware shows no performance degradation after over 20 million touches. The multitouch engine responsible for tracking touches is also rock-solid. Joué is the result of many years of research and development.

The Modules

The modules have been carefully designed to provide the best playing experience with the most natural feel. They are made of soft silicone and magnetized so that they stick to Joué’s board when playing. The current library contains familiar interfaces like Synth, Pads and Strips but also fresh ones such like Bubbles, Scaler and Fretboard.

You can find tutorials about each module in the MEDIAS section.


Area is played by sliding and taping the surface with fingers. The module sends X, Y, Z values which are 3 MIDI control changes by default. Each message can be customized.


Ever dreamed of controlling 12 parameters with one hand? Bubbles is the answer! On top of that, its crazy look will addict you for sure!


Slide your fingers across the circles to control any parameter. There are tactile areas to easily access min, mid and max values. Absolute or infinite modes are available.


With Fretboard, you can play guitar or any strings instrument like never. The module has 6 strings and 9 frets plus octave +/- buttons and 2 configurables buttons. The strings can be tuned all together or individually. Vibrato and bending are switchable depending on the musician’s intention.


A 4×4 matrix of sensitive pads to play drums, percussion, melodies or to launch clips. Each pad can be configured individually or in group.


Slide your fingers across the 4 strips to control any parameter. There are delimited tactile areas to easily access min, mid and max values. It can be used horizontally or vertically.


The Synth is a 1,5 octave keyboard with octave +/- buttons and 4 configurable buttons. Aftertouch, natural vibrato and glissendo gives it unique expressiveness.


The Scaler has 17 keys which are perfect to play harp, xylophone or balafon instruments. Many scales are available for an immediate play. A bubble and a long ribbon complete one of the most expressive module so far.

A evolutionary instrument

Initially, 8 modules are available covering most MIDI controller use cases plus innovative and unique ones such as Bubbles, Fretboard and Scaler. From here we intend to build upon this library to cover any use case musicians can dream of. We already have plenty of ideas, some have already been prototyped.

The Joué Editor

Each module can be configured using the Joué editor software. The editor allows the tuning of every message sent by the module; such as MIDI channel, note number, control change, pitch bend range, velocity range and sysex messages. Once the module is tuned, the configuration is stored in the physical module itself allowing for hassle-free swaps during a live performance.

Joué specifications